The comprehensive, on-location hearing assessment is the cornerstone of the In-House Senior Services audiology program to maximize functional hearing and maintain resident independence. A licensed Audiologist will perform assessments to determine hearing ability.

Problems of a medical nature will be referred to the primary care physician, or an ear, nose and throat specialist.

If a hearing aid is warranted, In-House will complete a prior authorization form. The patient’s primary care physician must sign the medical clearance that will be sent to their insurance provider with the prior authorization request. An Audiologist will dispense and fit the hearing aid to the resident at the facility.

The In-House affiliated Audiologist will make any necessary frequency adjustments. In-House may provide a “loaner” unit (subject to availability) until a hearing aid can be repaired or replaced.


A hearing aid is an electronic, battery-operated device that amplifies and changes sound to allow for improved communication. In-House offers digital hearing instruments for sound that is clear and free from distortion. Inside the hearing aid, a computer chip converts the incoming sound into digital code, then analyzes and adjusts the sound based on the patient’s hearing loss and listening needs. The signals are then converted back into sound waves and delivered to the ears. The result is sound that’s more finely tuned to the individual’s hearing loss.

In-House Offers Both In-The-Ear (ITE) and Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids.

  • Worn in the bowl of the ear, with circuit and ear mold together in a single piece, the ITE hearing aid takes natural advantage of the shape of the ear to channel sound down the canal to the eardrum.

  • BTE hearing instruments use a slim tubing that hooks into a custom mold that fits in the patient’s ear canal.

It’s best to let the In-House Audiologist determine which style most precisely meets the patient’s hearing needs.

Our Services

  •   Diagnostic hearing evaluations

  •   Hearing aid selection, fitting, & follow-up services

  •   Hearing aid repairs

  •   Hearing aid batteries and supplies

  •   Assistive listening devices

  •   Custom hearing protection and swim molds

  •   Musician earplugs






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