Dental services now provided in collaboration with Apple Tree Dental

In-House Senior Services began working with Apple Tree Dental in July of 2017.

The goal of this collaboration is to increase access to comprehensive dental services for the many under-served elders throughout Minnesota.





About Apple Tree Dental

Mission Statement

To improve the oral health of all people, including those with special access needs who face barriers to care.

Apple Tree Dental provides access to a new, innovative model for dental care. Apple Tree is nationally recognized for its pioneering approach to integrating dental care as part of overall health and well-being. With an integrated team of professionals that includes specially trained dentists and a multilingual staff, we provide preventive care and treatment in our clinics and through our Mobile Dental Care programs.

















A Proven Model

  • Established more than 30 years ago, we currently operate six Centers for Dental Health in Minnesota.

  • Awards and recognition have been provided by the American Dental Association, the Surgeon General, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and many other organizations.

  • Our dental teams travel to community sites each day, typically with a dentist and two dental assistants, to provide education, preventive, and restorative dental care. Apple Tree's multi-site delivery truck transports our complete mobile dental office to community sites during the afternoon and evening.

  • When the dental team arrives the next morning, they can set-up a complete dental office inside the building within minutes. The dental teams provide examinations and check-ups, cleanings, fillings, root canals, and tooth extractions on a regular schedule, creating year round dental homes for patients. The equipment is then picked up at the end of the day and delivered to another site.

  • Our dentists also work with patients who have denture needs. Dentists make impressions for new dentures, relines, and repairs. Using Apple Tree's in-house dental lab, new dentures generally take four to six visits until completed and delivered. Denture repairs usually take three to four days, with special rush delivery services available.

Innovative, High-Quality Dental Health Care

  • We believe that a healthy mouth contributes to overall health and well-being from infancy, through adulthood, and into old age. Our goal is to provide access to care for our patients.

  • Apple Tree's Mobile Dental Care Programs have been recognized as a national model. Our innovations in mobile delivery systems, care coordination, and electronic health records have made it possible to provide compassionate care for patients facing a host of barriers to care.

  • Apple Tree's nonprofit model leverages community resources to accomplish its mission. We have developed and continue to invest in the world's finest dental equipment and patient amenities. Our multilingual, highly trained staff is experienced in all aspects of lifetime dental care.


Our Model of Dental Care is Patient-Centered

  • Apple Tree's teams give our patients, and their families, access to a group of highly skilled clinicians who put the needs of their patients first.

  • When you or a loved one can't come to us, we come to you. Our Mobile Dental Care Programs allow us to offer the same services available at our Centers, but in a familiar environment that helps eliminate transportation costs and other barriers.

  • We believe that access to oral health care is a human right and never deny essential services to our patients based on age, education, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, geography, or ability to pay.

  • We take a highly personalized and customized approach to each patient's dental health. For patients with more complex health issues, we collaborate closely with other medical providers, like In-House, to ensure that the patients' complete health profile is considered and reflected as part of the dental care and treatment plan.

To learn more about the Mobile Dental Care Program, please contact Missy Herbst at 763-600-6812 or

If you're looking for someone to provide podiatry, optometry, and audiology services, please contact In-House Senior Services by calling 612-243-8999 or sending us a message here.

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Mobile Dental Services for Nursing Facilities and Senior Living Communities


Services provided to residents of these communities include:

  • Initial examinations & x-rays

  • Periodic examinations & cleanings

  • Fillings, root canals, and extractions

  • Comprehensive denture services

  • Treatment of sores and gum lesions

  • Palliative treatment to relieve pain


Indications for Care

  • Person stops eating

  • Complaints centered on tooth or denture pain

  • Gum infections

  • Oral hygiene problems or discontinues dental hygiene

  • Tartar buildup

  • Person discontinues wearing dentures

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1985 in Minnesota with successful replications in North Carolina, Louisiana, and California

  • Now operating six Centers for Dental Health in Minnesota 

  • More than one million dental visits and $200 million in services have been delivered

  • Delivers care in collaboration with more than 130 community partners

  • Apple Tree has received federal, state, and local grants and gifts from public, private, and nonprofit agencies