In-House™ Wound Tracker App Features/Benefits:

Download free app and take photos on any smart device

  • Benefit: No proprietary software, no dedicated cameras

  • No worrying about how to deliver image to patient chart securely

Images are uploaded to HIPAA compliant cloud-based servers

  • HIPAA- compliant – images are encrypted, sent to cloud servers, then erased from device

  • Real-time access to images for administrators, nurses, hospitals, any other providers

  • Assists in ensuring staff record dressing changes, wound state, and image of each wound regularly

Critical data about wound is created including size, shape, depth, type of tissue

  • 100% accuracy of wound location and state of wound at time of admission or change of dressing

  • Tracks changes in wound with side by side images over time

  • Changes can be communicated to providers immediately for assessment


Report generated to integrate into facility patient chart

  • Downloadable .PDF document can be attached to file on admin

  • Advanced assessment detail delivered in easy to read format for providers and admins

  • Areas for additional notes included