The In-House Senior Services optometrists offer seniors the convenience and comfort of outstanding ocular healthcare in the comfort of their senior living facility. The In-House Optometry Care Team has the extensive experience in geriatric eye care to provide the best possible vision services quickly and efficiently. A comprehensive, on-site eye examination is the cornerstone of our program to maximize functional vision and maintain the resident’s independence.


An In-House affiliated Optician will dispense and fit eyeglasses and provide an eyeglass storage case to the resident. Optometry services not covered by the patient’s insurance provider are available on a fee-for-service basis. The Optician can perform most repairs and adjustments on-site at no cost to the resident, the resident’s family or sponsor, or the facility. When specialized care by an Ophthalmologist is recommended, In-House will write the referral.


Eyeglasses from In-House Senior Services

  • Patient can choose from up to wide variety of metal or plastic frame styles.

  • Lenses are ground for each patient’s unique prescription.

  • Patient receives a protective case with their glasses.

Vision Rehabilitation

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Our Services Include


• Visual acuity (How well a person sees at near and far ranges)

• Visual field (Peripheral vision)

• Examination of the eye’s surface and interior structures

• Measure interior eye pressure (Intraocular pressure)

• Refraction (Helps determine what kind of visual correction might be needed)Indications for Care


Indications for Care

• Provided by the In-House Optometry Team

• Diabetes, Glaucoma, Hypertension and/or Cataracts

• Past diagnosis of CVA or TIA’s

• Residents taking Plaquenil or Mevacor

• Headaches, dizziness, blurred or double vision, eye pain

• Red, watery or dry eyes, eye discharge, visual hallucinations

• Frequent stumbling or falling

• Rubbing eyes, abandoning reading or writing

• Decrease in socialization.

"Thanks to Dr. Gould and In-House Senior Services, Great Grandma got all the care she needed right at home"

- DG, Family Member