The In-House Senior Services Podiatry Program provides on-site podiatric services at long-term care facilities. A licensed, In-House affiliated Podiatrist performs examinations as needed to assess the overall condition of the residents’ feet. The Podiatrist will identify potential problems and, when medically necessary, treat the condition or coordinate care with the attending physician.

When the Podiatrist recommends diabetic shoes, the primary care physician is contacted for the authorization required by insurance. Once authorized, an In-House affiliated Podiatrist will measure the foot/feet. An In-House associate will deliver the shoes and inserts, and check for proper fit.


Spreading Awareness about PAD


In-House Senior Services is collaborating with Minneapolis Vascular Physicians to help spread awareness about a relatively unknown condition, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which affects more than 1 in 10 people over the age of 65.

Through educational content and in-facility presentations for residents, family members, and facility staff, our goal is to bring attention to this silent but deadly disease that restricts blood flow to the extremities, and in particular, the lower limbs. Because the symptoms of PAD are often ignored, masked, or assumed to be caused by the normal aging process, nearly 50% of people with PAD remain untreated.

Quick Notes:

  • PAD affects at least 12 million people in the US

  • Up to 50% have no recognizable symptoms

  • About 95% have at least one other chronic disease (diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure)

  • About 50% remain untreated and risk amputation

  • Smokers have up to 4x greater risk of developing PAD

  • High blood pressure is found in more than 65% of PAD patients

  • Diabetics have up to 4x greater risk of developing PAD, and up to 5x greater risk of amputation

If you'd like Minneapolis Vascular Physicians to visit your community, please call Danny Johnson at (612) 248-8423 or send an email to djohnson@quantixcorp.com 


Minneapolis Vascular Physicians

To learn more about the podiatrists that make our mobile services possible, visit their clinic website at www.midwestpodiatrycenters.com

Our Services Include

• Preventative foot care
• Debridement of mycotic and dystrophic toenails
• Treatment of callouses, corns and ingrown toenails
• Treatment of ulcerations, abscesses and subungual hematomas
• Treatment of infection, deterioration of tissue
• Prevention against lower limb amputation
• Nail care (provided up to five times per year based on necessity per Medicare guidelines)

•We also can provide Diabetic Patients with Medicare Approved Diabetic Shoes and Inserts, as well as other Off-loading DME devices, that can be billed through Part B coverage.


Indications for Care


• Diabetes Mellitus
• Peripheral Vascular Disease
• Peripheral Neurophathies of the feet
• Arteriosclerotic Vascular Disease of lower extremities
• Ulcer present or pre-ulcer
• Anticoagulation therapy
• Thick, fungal nails
• Non-traumatic amputation of the foot or lower limb
• Calluses and/or corns

Foot Care Tips


Follow these simple tips and you’ll be making great strides in maintaining foot health.

  • Remember that foot pain isn’t normal and should never be ignored. Consult the In-House Podiatrist about any pain that persists or reoccurs.

  • Inspect your feet regularly, paying close attention to color changes, foot temperature and changes in the toenails,as well as cracks, cuts, peeling, scaling or any growths.

  • Wash your feet daily, being sure to wash and dry thoroughly between your toes.

  • Toenails should be trimmed straight across…but not too short!

  • Properly fitted shoes are important. Shop for new shoes later in the day when feet are at their largest.

  • Wear moisture-absorbing socks.

  • Don’t walk barefoot, as this increases your chances of injury or infection.

  • Care for your feet by moisturizing them (but not in between the toes).

  • Don’t attempt to treat ailments by yourself. See the In-House Podiatrist to avoid turning a small problem into a big one!